2.5 hours staying at the Forest Brethren farm, during which:

1. Sheds, wildebeest Moon. The guide introduces the nature of the wildebeest, the wildebeest mornings in Forest Brethren Farm.

2. Original bunker . A search for the hideaway of the forest brothers is played through the adventure.

3. Underground bunkers. Going to the bunker, introducing the testing of a historical forest cluster for business-to-business transactions between Estonian and Latvian forest brothers.

4. Metsaven’s meal. Grilled potatoes, butter, salt, and morsel.

5. Metsaven songs. Songs from the former Härmiku Forest Bands Orchestra will be sung. The words are reminded of the youngest member of the former orchestra, Enno Hernits. A little song to remember.


Up to 1-50 people = 370 EUR

Price includes VAT 22%