1. Exhibition on the Forest Brethren in Mõniste. The guide introduces the nature of the Forest Brethren, their activities in Mõniste, and the Forest Brethren Farm.

2. Original bunker in the barn. A search is organized to find the hiding place in the barn.

3. Underground bunker. A visit to the bunker plus historical moonshine testing, a compulsory part of conducting business between Estonian and Latvian Forest Brethren.

4. Lunch. Mashed potatoes and barley with meat, pickles, ham, herring, cake or bread pretzel, bread, white bread, juice drink/water, coffee/tea, “moonshine.”

5. Forest Brethren songs. Singing of five songs of the former Härmiku Forest Brethren orchestra. The words have been recalled by Enno Hernits, the youngest member of the orchestra. A small song booklet is available as a keepsake.

Price: up to 20 people = € 580 (minimum fee)

Each additional person: € 29