1.  Arrival Friday afternoon
2. Forest Brethren expedition immediately upon arrival.
3. Getting acquainted with the accommodation at Forest Brethren Farm.
4. Dinner in the log cabin at Forest Brethren Farm, up to 2 hours. Menu includes mashed potatoes with barley, pickles, ham, herring, bread, white bread, juice drink, and cake or pretzel bread. The party continues with well-known Estonian songs and dances, accompanies by the host Meelis on the guitar and an accordionist until 11 pm.
Washing facilities in the shower room of the sauna. The sauna is located 50 meters from the farmhouse and three meters from the Vaidva River.
Breakfast from 9 am to 11 am, based on prior agreement.
An opportunity for active recreation by hiking in the area. For instance, one can independently spend time by hiking:

1) to the town of Ape in Latvia, 4 km away;
2) in the ancient forest 500 m from Forest Brethren Farm;
3) along the Estonian-Latvian border (length of the trip 10.6 km);
4) to Paganamaa landscape protection area, 13 km, to Estonia’s southernmost point 7 km, or to the Möniste Village Museum 9 km away.

Lunch at 14.00
Facilities for recreational sports available at Forest Brethren Farm. Summer – football pitch, winter- sledding, when the hill is open.
Dinner at 19.00
Breakfast from 9 am to 11 am, based on prior agreement
Departure from Forest Brethren Farm after breakfast.

Price: up to 20 people = € 1500 (minimum fee)

Each additional person: € 75

children aged 5-12 years: : € 60

children aged 13-17 years:  € 65